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Christian Art in Rome: Two Millennia of Beauty & Devotion
Join the Patrons, along with their families and friends, for this four-part lecture series tracing the development of Christian art in Rome, the cult of St. Peter and the patronage offered by the popes to some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Presented by Fr. Michael Collins.

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LECTURE ONE (June 06, 2020)
The Art of the Catacombs: Light from the Shadows

Where did Christian art begin? We descend into the Roman catacombs to see where the early Christians were buried and admire their sarcophagi and frescoed chapels decorated with scenes from the Bible.

LECTURE TWO (June 13, 2020)
The Tomb of Peter: The Search for Peter in Rome

Did Peter ever visit Rome? Did he die during the persecution of the Emperor Nero? We go underground to explore this mystery.

LECTURE THREE (June 20, 2020)
St Peter's Basilica: From the Elegance of the Renaissance to the Explosion of the Baroque

With the destruction of the 4th century Basilica of St Peter in the early 16th century, seven architects worked for 120 years to complete the new building. Visit the upper basilica and explore the hidden gems of St Peter's.

LECTURE FOUR (June 27, 2020)
The Banker's Son & The Most Unfortunate Pope: Raphael's Great Patrons

Meet two Medici popes, Pope Leo X and Pope Clement VII, both cousins and generous patrons of Raphael and other artists. From luxurious excess to the dramatic challenges of the Reformation, their contributions shaped the arts at the Vatican.
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